Producing music

April 20, 2019

My first DAW aka software to make music on a computer was Magix Music Maker. It allowed me to drag pre-made loops on a playlist. Most loops were 90s trance and house, and a bit of hip-hop. As a kid I didn’t care. I just had fun combining drums, basses, synths and leads. I was producing music.

Later I got Fruity Loops, made a few loops, but had no real idea of what music I wanted to make. So it never amounted to anything. It was just a bit of fun.

The guitar was my next stop. I stayed with it for years and learned about chords, scales and all that stuff. Some would say I finally learned real music. While it was definitely cool to make music on a guitar, I loathed how much of a chore it was to record actual music with it.

So aside from a few very low quality demos I never managed to produce any real music with it. Recorded music that is.

Finally I returned to Fruity Loops, which is now FL Studio.

I’m enjoying how easy it is to just make something. And now I’m enjoying even more how I learned all kinds of stuff over the years and now understand so much more of what other and better producers are doing.

But more importantly, I know what music I want to make. Combined with me also having an idea of how to do it, and having the minimal amount of tools to do it. I can finally produce and release music.

Since so much of this process was thanks to the internet. Which really means that it was in thanks to hundreds or maybe thousands of strangers, I hope that via this blog I can give back.